JeremyStarTM's custom kernel with extra performance
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JeremyStarTM's optimized kernel

This repositories includes everything you need to build JeremyStarTM's custom optimized kernel, based on Clear Linux's kernel patches and various other tweaks introduced by JeremyStarTM.


As with every other software, make sure to update your kernel regularily. Missing updates and security patches make your system vulnerable. So please build and install this kernel regularily, thank you ^^


This repository improves/changes the following things over

  • includes a build tool with build time performance improvements
  • better PKGBUILD documentation
  • more build options
  • integrates kernel commandline directly into the final kernel build
  • defaults to cpu governor schedutil instead of performance (you don't need maximum performance 24/7 anyway, use gamemode for maximum game performance or use cpu-power)
  • includes the powersave cpu governor for battery-powered devices


To build this kernel, run this command in your terminal:

curl -sSL "">/tmp/;chmod +x /tmp/;/tmp/

Building from local repository

If you've already built this kernel or want to compile the kernel from your local repository execute this:


Cleaning repository

To remove everything makepkg produced, simply run: