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    JeremyStarTM released this 2024-05-17 01:15:22 +02:00 | 11 commits to develop since this release

    Note: Due to an accident we lost all databases on StarOpenSource infrastructure, including the database for sos!git. Previous changelogs are now inaccessible, use the commit history for changelogs. Tags are still present (saved in git repository).
    Breaking changes are marked bold, important changes are marked italic.


    • New data validation module and classes
    • Huge performance improvements (Log UI)
    • Code quality improvements (more interesting to CORE developers)


    • submodule guide
    • hide_window_on_shutdown variable with ability for quit_safely() to hide your game/apps window on shutdown
    • stringify_variables method in the misc module. allows for placeholders and much more readable code
    • very beautiful welcome message
    • startup time measurement
    • validation module along with CoreValidationSingle and CoreValidationSchema classes to allow for data validation, more to come (probably)!
    • cleanup hooking functionality. tl;dr it allows to run custom code on framework shutdown


    • updated the documentation layout
    • the variable logger in CoreBaseModule has been replaced by loggeri. Simply rename all references to loggeri with logger
    • custom module support is now enabled by default
    • all internal logger calls involving variables have been rewritten to work with the new stringify_variables method (much more convenient and readable!)
    • supplying a CoreConfiguration object to _init/new or reload_configuration will now duplicate the object instead of referencing it. this allows reusing the same config object without issues. please note that you need to call queue_free on the config object manually in your class
    • initialization errors (when incompatible with a certain engine version or the installation path being invalid)
    • rename variables in sms module to make them clearer to understand


    • documentation misconfiguration
    • Log UI lags, lines are now capped
    • logger_detect_verbose_mode being set to false, performance issues have been fixed last release, this is no longer necessary
    • built-in modules being unloaded correctly
    • crashes in reload_configuration (access to invalid instance)
    • logger instance cleanup, that previously removed all registered instances, even if the parent object is still valid, effectively making that automatic cleanup useless
    • logger not removing all instances correctly on cleanup
    • format_stringarray's output missing item_before and item_after when the array only contains one element
    • crashes during preinitialization (on invalid installation path). because of this fix calls to _init/new must now be awaited


    • loggeri variable in CoreBaseModule, see above